The benefits of child check-in labels for church administration

We learned so much during our visit to the ETCH Family Ministry Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. If you haven’t heard of it, here’s a link to their website: Be sure to check it out, this conference is ministry leadership at it finest.

What is the ETCH Family Ministry Conference?

Equipping the Church & Home. That is what we are about at the ETCH Family Min Conference!

Posted by ETCH Conference on Wednesday, June 7, 2017


During our visit, we acquired practical knowledge of our customers experience with thermal labels. We got to understand the issues that ministry leaders were having with their labels, and we were happy to let them know that our labels will solve their issues. Here are some of the most common ones:

Issue #1: “The tape on the end of the roll always jams up! It’s such a waste of time having to open up the printer and peel the sticker. Sometimes, it doesn’t even fully come off!”

Unfortunately, many label companies will secure the labels to the cardboard core with a piece of tape. Which will cause the tape to get stuck to the roller as the last label slides out. Our advanced manufacturing technology allows us to apply the label directly on the core without tape or glue. Our supply will eliminate printer failures. No more label jams. Giving you a perfect roll that will be useful to the last label!

Issue #2: “Sometimes the glue from the label will get on the kid’s clothes. It’s a pain to wash off and it can damage your Sunday’s best…” 

There is nothing worse than taking off a name tag after an event and realizing the glue on the label left residue on your clothes. Even worse, when the glue runs in the wash and permanently damages them! Thankfully, our special acrylic adhesive does not leave residue on fabrics so your clothes will always be protected. The back of the label will attach securely to any surface, and once removed; its gone forever.

We were happy to meet so many wonderful people in Nashville. And we are looking forward to being a part of this wonderful family next year as we continue to improve our labels to fit your needs.

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