The benefits of having a pet in the office!

There are few things more comforting than bonding with our animal companions. These lovely creatures can boost morale in the workplace and provide employers with a higher retention rate. A 2012 study from Virginia Commonwealth University found that employees reported feeling less stressed when around dogs in the office.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s been shown that dogs have some pretty serious medicinal powers, including lower blood pressure, cholesterol and feelings of loneliness. Pets will encourage employees who sit for prolonged time to get up and recharge. Research shows that taking breaks during the day actually makes employees more productive.

With a pet comes outdoor walking breaks as well as voluntary yet hard-to-resist belly rubs meaning that even a workaholic would be more prone to look away from the computer screen every once in a while. A particular study by a manufacturing company in Greensboro, North Carolina revealed dogs in the office tended to spark conversations between those with and without pets, and “people who didn’t typically talk to one another, were now more engaged” with dogs in the office.

Lower stress equals lower blood pressure and fewer heart problems. How is that related to workplace productivity? Employees who are healthier take fewer sick days, need lower health insurance premiums and contribute better at the workplace than those who fall sick often or suffer chronic health issues.

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