Trouble shooting your Dymo machine 101

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Have you tired turning it on and off? Kidding. Periodically we will cover issues related to the maintenance of your Dymo LabelWriter printer. Ah yes, just like the best of us, these handy little machines can sometimes have their quirks. Not too worry, Wedge Labels is here to help.

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Today we will cover the two most common hardware issues that come up when using your Dymo printer:

There is a flashing blue light on my printer

This simply means that your Dymo printer has run out of labels. It may also mean that your labels aren’t placed properly, thus, the printer does not identify them.

How to fix:

  1. Check if there are any labels left on the roll.
  2. Make sure the labels are loaded face down & all the way to the left side of the spool.
  3. Clear any stuck labels and reload the roll.
  4. If the problem persists, try unplugging the printer from power & plugging it back in.

My labels are stuck in the printer.

How to fix:

Try pressing the feed button on the front of the printer.







Lift the printer’s lid. Press the small eject button on the side to feed the labels in the opposite direction.

If all else fails, push the label release lever forward toward the front of the printer and pull out the jammed label.

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