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30330 1 ⅛” x 2″ – Blood vial Dymo label (Butt-cut)

  • No more printer jams: Labels applied directly on roll core without tape or glue.
  • No fading: Made to resist hand oils and moisture for long periods of time.
  • Fabric safe: Acrylic adhesive backing will keep your clothes free of residue.
  • Wedge model: W-30330-BL
    Sold in 2 Roll packs20 roll min. qty 220 labelsper roll
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    Safeguard your labels in the harshest of circumstances when you upgrade to Wedge-ist-a-therm™.

    Protect your labels against hand oils, laboratory moisture, paints and adhesives. Ideal for medical and veterinary practices, as well as hardware/paint stores. View All Available Material Upgrades.

    Easily and economically add your logo and/or address to any label. Wedge Labels print 1 & 2 colour custom labels on our in-house printing presses.

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    Each colour(2 max) adds a printing plate and an ink/run cost to your label purchase. Repeat orders don’t require a plate charge each time. Our design experts are here to help in any way if you need it.

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    Don’t pay more than you need!

    Wedge labels are Dymo brand equivalent at a fraction of the price.

    W-30330-BL – Blood Vial Labels pre-cut to fit even the smallest bottles!

    These labels are ideal for daily tasks in medical laboratories and doctor’s offices! They are a perfect fit for vials, prescription bottles and medicine containers. They will securely adhere to any surface, and thanks to our direct thermal technology, there is no need for messy ink cartridges and expensive toners. The butt-cutt on these labels will allow you to resize them into compact ¾” x 2” label. Commonly used for labelling blood vials, prescription bottles and medicine containers. These labels are made with a removable bottom edge, which when torn off, will allow you to finish even the smallest of jobs!

    The W-30330-BL rolls are sold in packs of 2, and each box contains 5 packages for a total of 10 rolls. These labels are made with a removable bottom edge, which when torn off, will allow you to finish even the smallest of jobs! Our W-30336-BL labels are compatible with all Dymo LabelWriter printer series. Consciously made in-house, evaluated through the highest standards of quality control, and available for free shipping.

    Wedge-ist-a-therm™: We are the only manufacturer in the world to offer Wedge-ist-a-therm™ label stock. These labels are made to resist hand oils and moisture for long periods of time. Ideal for heavily handled prescription labels! Learn more

    Eliminate the end of roll printer failures: No more label jams! Innovative manufacturing allows us to apply the label directly on to the core without tape or glue. Giving you a perfect roll that won’t jam and will be useful to the last label.

    Clothing safe: The acrylic adhesive backing lets labels attach securely to any fabric. Better yet, once removed; the adhesive will not damage your clothing even when washed!

    W-30330-BL Product Specifications:

    – Label dimensions: 1 1/8” x 2” / 29 mm x 51 mm (.75 x 2″ Usable)
    Color: White
    Type: Blank
    – 10 rolls per box
    – 220 labels per roll
    – Comparable to Dymo 30336
    – Comparable to Staples 710166
    – Comparable to RJS Labels 1218
    – Comparable to Label Value LV-30336
    – Comparable to Label City 121220
    – Available for free shipping

    W-30330-BL product details:

    100% Compatible. 100% Quality.

    Wedge labels are Dymo brand compatible with the full range of Dymo thermal printers. Our labels are also compatible with Zebra thermal printers and Seiko thermal printers.

    W-30336 Dymo/Seiko compatibility:

    – CoStar LabelWriter ASCII 200 / ASCII 250
    – CoStar LabelWriter BC
    – CoStar LabelWriter BC+
    – CoStar LabelWriter SE200
    – CoStar LabelWriter SE250
    – CoStar LabelWriter TURBO
    – CoStar LabelWriter XL
    – CoStar LabelWriter XL+
    – Dymo 400 LabelWriter
    – Dymo 400 LabelWriter Twin Turbo
    – Dymo 400 Turbo LabelWriter
    – Dymo LabelPoint 300
    – Dymo LabelWriter 450 Duo
    – Dymo LabelWriter 450 Printer
    – Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo
    – Dymo LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo
    – Dymo LabelWriter 4XL Label Printer
    – Dymo LabelWriter SE450
    – LabelWriter 300
    – LabelWriter 310
    – LabelWriter 315
    – LabelWriter 320
    – LabelWriter 330
    – LabelWriter EL40
    – LabelWriter EL60

    Product reviews:

    • Great labels. Amazing price. Thanks!

      • From: Mississauga ON

      Easy to order and FREE shipping well packed product.

    • Awesome Product

      • From: Mississauga ON

      They stick very well and last a long time!

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